Boucherie de Tours, Atwater Market, 514-931-4406.

Chefs champion this Atwater Market butcher for its French cuts (like blade and skirt steak) and specialty products such as veal tongue, goose foie gras and Kamouraska lamb. Gourmets also head here for homemade foie gras au torchon, as well as grain-fed poultry and game meats for the holidays.

Slovenia, 3653 St. Laurent Blvd., 514-842-3558.

This St-Laurent institution supplies several restaurants with specialty meats like Kamouraska lamb. Chefs have long favoured Slovenia for its great service, fair prices, and home-smoked pork loins and Toulouse sausages. Though parking is a hassle on this busy section of the Main, it’s worth the walk to line up for Slovenia’s charcuterie, sauerkraut and wieners. The store also carries an impressive selection of imported gourmet foodstuffs.

La Maison du Roti, 1969 Mount Royal Ave. E., 514-521-2448.

Several chefs and restaurateurs mentioned this large butcher shop as a place to pick up specialty meats like duck, pheasant, foie gras, bison, deer and horsemeat. The shop’s staff of 15 butchers and three charcutiers prepare such house specialties as ice cider pate, an assortment of foie gras terrines, and boudin blanc made of sweetbreads and pistachios. You’ll also find a selection of over 250 local and imported cheeses.

Boucherie A. Belanger et Fils, Atwater Market, 514-935-2439.

Duck, from preserved legs (confit) to fat liver (foie gras), is cited by several chefs as the specialty of this 90-year-old butchershop. Yet once in front of Belanger’s showcase, you’re sure to be drawn to the preserved lamb shanks, organic lamb shoulder, guinea hen, quail, and the extensive selection of marinated meats.

Cerf de Boileau, 421 St. Paul St. E., 1-888-983-2082

Venison has quickly become the favourite restaurant red meat of chefs, second only to caribou. The best deer you’ll find in this neck of the woods (and arguably in all of North America) is the Boileau deer sold by Dennis Ferrer. Ferrer’s small retail outlet in Old Montreal sells cuts of deer to restaurant chefs and the general public. Patrons must call in advance to place an order.


One final note for those who are Kosher or for those who prefer the quality of Kosher Meat over that of their current supplier I invite you to check out the website at http://www.mk.ca/.  They will have a list of Kosher Meat Butchers for the city of Montreal.



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  1. I agree! Slovenia is the bomb, Jean is the man! I love the place so much that when I change jobs, I STILL plan to shop there, and I don’t care how long the walk is! The butcher shops are awesome, I have found in here a few gems I was unaware of. Now, if I could only find some grass-fed beef…

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