Having grown up in the 60′s, I had my share of cakes baked with a light bulb in my very first oven, and my fondest memories are when I peed the bed and my mother would sit me on the counter with a cookie while she changed my sheets. Yes, I was a fat kid.

But the years turned into pounds lost and soon I married a man who first introduced himself to me

at Gertrude’s Pub in the Student Union of McGill University. (the powers that Be tried to

change the name to the William Shatner Student Union and Pub but no matter what it was it is still known as Gertrude’s. Who the heck Gertrude was I never knew but then urban legend has it that William Shatner never went to McGill either)

He just mosied on up to my table on the other side of a packed Saturday night club and asked me to leave my friends and join his table for a drink, and the rest became history.

Together we spawned two kids.

My background is Psychology; having worked in the most rewarding and often frustrating field of Domestic Violence.  Proud that I was able to add to a heavily overworked and understaffed shelter in Montreal; I took early retirement several years ago.wedding4

Needless to say, for anyone donating their life’s work to protecting Woman and their children in the fight against Domestic Violence, this profession burns one out at a much more rapid and earlier stage of life than most other professions.

It’s rewards are few and far between, but it takes just a few to make the rewards worthwhile and a blessing.

I am excited, now, to take venture into a territory that was always my first love: Food. Food. and Food.


Pete Seeger used the words best when he sang:

To everything

There is a season

And a time for every purpose, under heaven

Now is my season and my time, to begin a blog. After two years of reading and commenting on other blogger’s sites and numerous queries of “what is the name of your blog”, I can finally say “Eye’z in A Cookbook”.


………………………………Through The Ages……………………………………


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