Me comí en El Rey de Taco

Me comí en El Rey de Taco

On my way to Sabor Latino for their various South American Tamales, from the corner of my eye I saw a sign that said Newly Opened El Rey Del Taco Mexican Food.


“STOP!” I yelled to my driver (aka hubby)


Right (sic), like on Jean Talon at the market’s corner we were going to find a parking space, but the Taco Gods were with us and sure enough the Beemer leaving it’s spot, left us a lot of room to manoeuver in.


I ran into the Taco Grill thinking I would be one of the few eating there at 2:30 but what I didn’t know was the back door led onto the market.  I managed my broken spanish along with my finger pointing to the pictures on the wall and ordered 1 Quesadillas Platter, 1 Burritos Platter and 1 Tamales Platter to go.  As I waited in front of the open kitchen watching the Chefs calling out orders in Spanish I couldn’t get past how fresh and how utterly delicious it would have been to actually sit there and eat.  I had to do takeout as I had promised the brood hot tamales and I couldn’t disappoint on the at-home eats.


20 minutes later I got my order in hands then proceeded to buy their home-made dips of which one was red and one was a guacamole that was better in every way than Rick Bayless can pull off.


When each of these platters were eaten by 4:30, as I could wait no longer, there were sublime at a temperature slightly hotter than room.  I could imagine served hot that they would be mind blowingly delicious in that the layer of flavors would have been more predominant than at the lukewarm stage they were eaten.


Like Anthony Bourdain has said many times “there is no street food like that of Mexican street food” and Rick Bayless says ‘comer en el mercado mexicano de tacos’ cannot be a better way to taste true Mexican street food.


“El Rey del Taco en el mercado de Jean Talon es como estar en México”, rings right up there, Eye’z in a Cookbook says.


Whatever you do find a way to eat there.



Vegetarian options

No Wheelchairs but order to go and eat at the chairs in the market

El Rey Del Taco

232 Jean Talon Est,

Montreal QC





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