The Salt Guru

First time I heard about him was through Michael Ruhlman’s blog.


Then we communicated a few emails and I have been following his Youtube Channel.  Of course in these emails we practiced Jewish Geography, as Morton is from Montreal and Montreal is unique as a Jewish community, as not one person is ever 6 degrees away from another.  As women we have always been cautious around salt as it became ingrained in us that Salt Causes Water Retention.  Water Retention means the rings don’t fit, the pants are snug and we run to our Medicare’d Doctors for ‘water pills.’


It is true that there are times in the month when I crave Salt and I am sure that is because of my diet and lack of proper nutrition.


Therefore I got wind of The Salt Guru’s new video and if you click the link you, too, can learn of the importance of Salt in our diets.

Salt is not just a seasoning.  It is also not just for melting ice  on the driveways.  As soon as you realize that Salt and its origins are crucial to life, then you, too, can be a salt guru.

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