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Once upon a time, last week, three girls went for lunch.  When these three girls go for lunch it is always for Sushi.


5 Season Sushi has recently re-opened after a fire. In fact, the morning of the fire, I had a mindset to go there myself for lunch. After parking the car I came upon Insurance Adjusters, Firemen and all sorts of people boarding up the windows and I was the first, probably in Montreal, to know 5 Season Sushi went ablaze.


I have gotten tired of Sushi, but Sashimi I will never tire of. Walking into 5 Season is not like your normal Sushi Bar and in fact they don’t actually have a Sushi Bar. They have beautifully appointed tables with white tablecloths, wine glasses, and beautiful accoutremonts including wooden chopsticks.


Chicken Teriyaki


Thank Goodness for wooden chopsticks, porcelain chopsticks are a pain to use and the wood allows for easy pickup.


One dining companion will only eat cooked Sushi, which is called ‘Beginner’ on the menu. She ordered the Torikatsu (6.95) as an appetizer and it was a perfect rendition of fried chicken with a dipping sauce she loved.


However the Chicken Teriyaki (13.95) came dried out. She was not happy with it and since I am the blogger – by default I am also the taster. She was right, the chicken was dry and as I have always had it served on a sizzling platter – the platter came but no sizzle.






Next up and to the left of me, my companion ordered her Sushi Plate Mariowase (14.95). It was a delight to look at; pretty. It was good but nothing fantastic. Rice a bit too sweet; the Chef Special beat out the others but we didn’t dissect it.  Plus the sauce served with the Chef Special Roll should have been served separately as it comes with a sauce and that sauce wound its way to the other sushi rolls.  Not a good thing.  Actually I am not even a Sushi Chef and I know this was plated without thought and without care.  Two words that should never describe a Sushi Chef.


I have grown from Sushi to Sashimi. When I eat at a Sushi Bar or Restaurant I just want Sashimi. The best Sashimi is supposed to melt in your mouth.



Miso Shiru

I had been here several times and enjoyed my Sashimi each time; until today. The King Crab leg was watery which meant it had been thawed out. The scallop was a bite; toothsome some critics would say. The balance of the fish was not as fresh as I have had before.


If it doesn’t melt and my tongue sits uselessly as my teeth do the work – it isn’t fresh Fish.


It takes just one bad meal of Sashimi to turn me off. The Miso soup was a tad salty and therefore had no balance of flavor.  To be truthful it almost seemed as if it were a re-hydrated packaged Miso Soup.  It had the mandatory pieces of Wakame and two inch square tofu.  Was it fresh made that morning – No. Dashi is such an important ingredient in the Japanese kitchen that producing a Miso soup like I had is almost heresy.


The tossed salad was tossed salad and the dressing was simply okay.





5 Season Sushi is a Bring Your Own Bottle restaurant and it resides in NDG. For that area 5 Season is usually a good bet for those not wanting to stray into Westmount or Downtown for really great Sushi. It is by far better than any of the ‘all you can eat’ Sushi joints – that’s my term and not an endearing one, at that.


Sadly the noon time crowd was not there. In fact the restaurant was empty save for us and another party. Not a good sign. Weekends they are packed, so I am hoping this was a glip in an otherwise great restaurant. I didn’t see the owner – a good looking man with salt and pepper hair who always sits us at night. Why my fish was not as fresh as it should have been left me wondering what Sushi restaurants do if they don’t sell out their fresh fish. Do they freeze it? Is possible waste built into the price?





Sashimi Plate

The most perfect Sushi and Sashimi should melt in your mouth. I did not rave about our lunch and probably the best part of it my Sashimi plate of 16 pieces was the 16.95 price tag.


The worst part of a bad plate of Sashimi is wondering what, if anything, eating this raw fish is going to do to me.


When one walks out of any restaurant, but especially a supposedly finer Japanese dining restaurant and says to herself  “ich, I did not enjoy my lunch’ then I think it is a safe bet she won’t be going back for lunch.


Chef needs a refresher course in cooking for this tough town where so many excellent Sushi and Japanese Restaurants exist; just being easier to get to for those in the West End of the city isn’t enough to rely on at those prices which jump to 24.95 at supper for the same lunch special with 6 more pieces added.


5 Saisons Sushi

5594 A Sherbrooke O

Montreal, Quebec H4A 1W3



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