When travelling what is the most important thing you cannot do without and if so, can it make a trip horrible?

Be it the hotel and what it lacks…

Be it the city and what it lacks…

Be it the food and what is lacking or not…

Be it the travel itself via airplane, train or boat…

Are the people around you inviting and nice or did they happen to be a lot younger or older than expected and did you fit in….

did this trip take place on a cruise or a bus tour…


how about the food….

I can tell you that for me, COFFEE can make or break my trip. If I don’t get at least one good cup of coffee, preferably in the morning, then I might as well fly home. I know from day 1, if I can’t get that decent cup of coffee even if I have to buy it – all bets are off and I will hate each day until I can take the torture no longer and have a huge fight with the husband who then understands that he either buys a coffee maker or takes me home.


I am not difficult to live with, trust me. It’s the coffee’s fault if I am moody; a coffee lover’s addiction is not an easy one to get over with the snap of a finger.


Luckily I have had few times where a good coffee is not available. Europe is usually a breeze for a good cup of coffee…cruises usually have cappuccinos for added cost but well worth it and they have ports of call where you can always find a good place to sit and people watch and have coffee.


The worst place so far I have experienced and is the reason I will never go back is the Dominican Republic. Went once and that was about 20-odd years ago and will never go back and yes, I know it has improved greatly since then…but I don’t risk vacation time and money on a chance.


This post, I hope, makes for some good comments. Please post them all; tell us the good, the bad, and the ugly.


On that note – I will relate one story that sticks out in my head with regards to this topic…I have other stories too like the time I sat beside Tiger Woods on his 21st birthday at a blackjack table in Vegas, between him and Charles Barkley, who wanted to know if I would come back to his room. Charles Barkley is now referred to in my house as “the Pig”.



Yes, Tiger turned 21 that day and we all sang Happy Birthday as he sat for the first time legally inside a Vegas Casino…if I had known what the future would have in store for him, I would have counselled him to get a new friend.


Tiger, you should’ve known then when I told your friend he was rude and I was married and he didn’t give a damn. (actually neither did my husband who was one table over)


However they are not all bad these sports icons and here is another story of mine that I love to tell and it related directly to my passion: COFFEE







“I am a really early-riser. Before the sun early-riser, and when on a cruise ship, the top deck is just where you want to be when the sun rises, with a big cup of coffee in hand. So when I took a cruise with hubby and woke up one morning to find him outside the galley, already seated and having his coffee, I anxiously tried to get mine. Unfortunately there was only one waiter who looked completely helpless at the coffee machine which pissed me off. He stood by my side as I searched for cups and frankly, I got pissed. Not being able to find a bloody cup, I blurted to the waiter to get me a cup.


He came back with a cup and a saucer and politely placed it in my hands…poured my coffee but couldn’t find the Sweet n Low…in an uncharacteristically and an unusually rough tone, I demanded the waiter find me the Sweet n Low, which after running through entire rows of tables, he managed to find.


But there was no cream.


“Uhhh, waiter go get the cream.”

“Yes ma’am”, and away he went through the double doors into the kitchen and came back with cream. After asking me if there was anything else I needed and could he get me anything at all, I said no and walked up the few stairs to greet hubby at an outside table. Two minutes later up the stairs comes the waiter whereupon my husband says to me “There is Manny Sanguillen.”



“That’s not Manny Sanguillen”, I say. “That’s the waiter. Who’s Manny Sanguillen?”

“Are you nuts? I’m telling you who that is. I know. He’s a baseball player!” (with an expletive I am quite used to)

“Henry”, I insist, cause I always insist I am such a pushy broad, “That is THE WAITER. He just finished getting me coff…”

I didn’t get a chance to finish cause up went my husband to shake the hand of, yes, Manny Sanguillen while I sat, shocked and in shame and absolutely speechless. Here, I, who am always so polite and careful and kind, treated this ‘waiter’ like a servant because I couldn’t down a cup of coffee in my own time. I mean, how do you explain to a man why you thought he was THE waiter? How do you apologize to someone who just finished running through the galley and kitchen of a cruise ship he is a guest on, like you, just to make sure you got a cup AND a saucer full of coffee, Sweet n Low (a harder thing to find than the sugar on tables everywhere) AND cream – milk wasn’t good enough.

After much apologizing; he joined us and spent the better part of the morning having a much better time shmoozing with my husband.

So, when I say coffee is a deal breaker; I mean it.

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